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About Newborn Photography

 Babies do not stay newborn for long, so it is very special to be able to capture them at their smallest before it’s gone. There are some techniques to doing newborn sessions with success. I want to make these pictures absolutely perfect for you, your family and friends to enjoy them for years. Here is a couple of  "to knows" of how this all works. 

  1. Newborn sessions are generally done within the FIRST 10 days after birth. This is done because during the first 10 days babies still sleep alot and do not stir as much which helps to get them into the adorable poses that create such beautiful keepsakes. When your little bundle is born, while mama is still in the hospital shoot me an email/text/phone call and let me know so we can schedule the session to be done within this time period. If the baby is a preemie then we can discuss session days after the baby gets good and healthy of course! Planning a newborn session I ask to let me know you are expecting atleast a month in advance of the due date. I will try and clear my calendar for session dates around the estimated time of birth. 
  2. I ask that baby be good and FULL for the session. A full newborn is a sleepy newborn, and a sleepy newborn is what we want to work with! The session takes 2-4 hours and this includes breaks for mama to feed to keep baby nice and full. 

About Dress Code

For Family and couples sessions, Bright coordinating colors are best. If one Person wears a patterned shirt with brown and yellow, try having family members pick different colors from the one persons shirt and wear solids of those colors to accent the theme. Please Please Please no tennis shoes!   

About "The Photog"

My Name is Lauren Lamb. I have had a passion for photography since before I can remember. I have the most handsome husband a lady could ask for and to top it off, we have been blessed with the most beautiful little girl as well. Through having a little girl I found a passion in newborn photography. It is the best job and I feel beyond blessed that I get to do what I enjoy most in life for a living. Loving on sweet babies and giving them back to their parents... who could ask for more?! My mission is to create beautiful keepsakes of lifes precious moments before they go by.